Søs Gunver Ryberg

Søs is one of my favourite electronic musicians to come out of Denmark. Super talented friend that can transport you into her super sonic loud electronic world in her concerts, which are amazing! I met Søs during my education at The Danish school of theatre and contemporary dance, where we took a workshop together. I have used some of Søs's music in my solo work "Lola" and have been in awe of a creative genius ever since.

Photo. Malthe Ivarsson

Photo. Malthe Ivarsson

A modern composer and sound artist, Danish SØS Gunver Ryberg is one of a kind, delivering astonishing sonic whirlwinds. She performs in a variety of unconventional spaces and exhibits sound installations, and has been invited to cities including Rio de Janerio, New York, Skt. Petersburg, Istanbul etc. In Berlin she has performed at the Atonal Festival, Boiler Room and Tresor club.

Colors Magazine

I came across this magazine many years ago, when I was 14 on a French exchange trip to Paris and I happen to come across a Benetton shop were they gave away back logged issue of this magazine. The magazine cover issues such as HIV/AIDS, Wars, Migration and many more, I remember being shocked but totally hooked on the magazine and searched Benetton shops in nearby cities when I had a chance. This must have been 23 years ago and for me, the magazine still tackles social realism in a profound way as it did when I was 14. 


The very first issue I had "Race"

The very first issue I had "Race"

"Sunday beauty queen" Documentary by Baby Ruth Villarama

 Sunday Beauty Queen is a 2016 Philippine documentary film directed by Baby Ruth Villarama and follows a group of expatriate domestic workers in Hong Kong as they prepare to take part in an annual beauty pageant.

On February 2015, I attended my sister in Laws wedding in Hong Kong and stayed there for over a week exploring the city with my in laws. One Sunday I decided to go out into the city alone whilst the rest of the family had plan a day trip to the Races. It was my first time in Hong Kong but knew a little about the city as my aunt worked there as a nanny for many years in the 80's and 90's. I came across thousands of mainly women hanging out in the park, subway, bridges singing and dancing and of course eating which us filipinos like to do when we are relaxing. I came across a Jollibee and street food where I sat and ate dinuguan (pork Blood stew) and even manage to get a hair cut in a packed room full of women getting their hair rebonded. I wondered why there was so many of then in one place, which I later found out that the workers are often not allowed in their employers homes in their day of, which is a Sunday.  This film really stuck a cord as it gave a much detailed insight on what I experienced that day from an observers point of view.

'The Slum' documentaries in Al Jazeera News

I have been subscribed on Al Jazeera news channel for sometime now, I have often found their documentaries very insightful, This documentary series of Tondo neighbourhood is very hard hitting and gives a close insight of the real hardship people go through in a Over populated Manila. 

looking back at Ballet Lorent Tour 2016

Ballet Lorent company class during our 2016 tour of Liv Lorent's Dance theatre version of "Snow White" 

This video gives a glimpse into the wide age range and diverse backgrounds of Ballet Lorent dancers, some of whom have long standing relationships with Liv and balletLORENT, where others have just begun dancing with the company

As one of the few female-led dance companies of our scale in the UK, The company have created this video to celebrate and pay tribute to the dancers who make this company brilliant, and of course all of the other dancers and individuals who have contributed so much to balletLORENT over the years.

Archive video footage filmed by Article19, video edited by Jade Richardson.

Music from the Snow White score, composed by Murray Gold. 


Kick Starter campaign to raise fund for the companies young cast

Martin de Mesa

Martin is one of the emerging performance artist to come out from the Philippines, I invited Martin to perform for P-noise festival 2015. One of the most humble and genuine person I have ever met and I could watch and listen to his alter ego Bovee's chants for hours.


"ketchup tomboy bangungot" performed at Pineapple lab Manila Philippines

Folklore Damselfrau

Damselfrau on TRENDTABLET by Lidewij Edelkoort   I attended the launch of "Fetishism in Fashion" By Lidewij Edelkoort A Damelfrau piece is part of the exhibition FETISHISM curated by Li Edelkoort at Trapholt Museum, Kolding, Denmark until January 2016. It also included filipino shoes designer Kermit Tesoro's work as part of the exhibition.  link: www.trendtablet.com/29795-folklore/

Damselfrau on TRENDTABLET by Lidewij Edelkoort 

I attended the launch of "Fetishism in Fashion" By Lidewij Edelkoort A Damelfrau piece is part of the exhibition FETISHISM curated by Li Edelkoort at Trapholt Museum, Kolding, Denmark until January 2016. It also included filipino shoes designer Kermit Tesoro's work as part of the exhibition.

link: www.trendtablet.com/29795-folklore/

Blog For Company Risk DK Regarding My current solo work Research on "Phantom Muse"

Risk Blog


Research for Phantom Muse


I’ll ask them to tell me about the owner of the address book, whose name I’ll only reveal in person, if they agree to meet me. Thus I will get to know this man through his friends and acquaintances. I will try to discover who he is without ever meeting him, I will try to produce a portrait of him over an undetermined length of time, that will depend on the willingness of his friends to talk about him-and on the turns taken by the events.

Sophie Calle’s The Address book


The initial inspiration for this research began at a young age, trying to understand and create a face for a father I had not met, nor had I any idea what he looked like. I created character’s personalities based on 80’s TV stars around at the time and would imagine it would be him. These characters where often fictional superheroes from Japanese manga cartoon to Jackie Chan.

When I finally met him 7 year ago, my fascination for searching and creating characters continued and then recently; I came across Sophie Calle’s work. I became interested in Calle’s method of developing a persona for a person she’s never met and wholly relaying on 2nd or 3rd hand information.  I find this an interesting way ofcreating a character: parts fact, parts imagined and parts a result of Chinese Whispers. 


Calle’s way of developing a character lead me to approach my research in a different way for this piece. I normally spend a lot of time in the studio, quite early on in my process but this time I wanted to create my characters taken from many sources:  online blogs, personal face to face interviews? social media, news channels, sitting for hours observing in airports, train stations,  public places in cities such as Copenhagen, Carlisle, Berlin, Manila, Amsterdam and London. 


I have chosen to start with a blank canvas of 4 bodies with no history, personality or bodily expression.     Each body will consist of 6 different personalities and histories from 6 different people, found from people watching; close encounters or online searches.


This is an example of how I start to build one of my characters: 

    •    Click on a random profile who are not connected to you and your friends list.

    •    Continue clicking from the first profile you have chosen, down to friends and their friends friends; 7 profiles along the line stop. 

    •    From that last profile, search more about that person via other forms of social media and search engines.

    •    Search comes to a halt depending on what is found, then extract history.


Character aesthetics Example

The idea is that each character manifest with a appearance, my interest are to blend 

reality, real emotions an Physicality to fictional.

My costume collaborator Valeria Olkova’s work has the right aesthetics and texture in her designs that if the piece is performed in a close proximity, the details of the movement and her textures in the costume designs and if the piece is performed in close proximity, the texture and detail of her designs would be magnified 100 percent.